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Traveling (and shooting) Pants

Traveling (and shooting) Pants

First in a recurring series on the clothes that make the camerawoman: how to cover your *ss.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, we all agree – ladies and gents – that comfort is key.  That being the case, ever wonder why you don’t see camera ladies wearing yoga pants  in the field?

In a word: pockets.

When you need to carry extra batteries, lens caps, cell phone(s), cables, white balance cards, and other various and sundry items that MUST be on your person and not in that bag you left in the hallway…yoga pants aren’t going to cut it. Thankfully, the past several years have seen a rise in activewear for women – and the camerawomen rejoiced. No need to shop in the men’s section although I have given that some thought.

So, here are my favorite ways to cover my ass out in the field.  Ladies, please share yours in the comments below.

#1 Metro Skort, by Athleta

I love this skort so much I bought multiples in case one is in the wash. Stretchy, wide, comfortable waistband with a drawstring so they won’t ride down. Comfortable, long-enough shorts underneath the skirt (rejoice in the lack of thigh-rub!) but they never show.  The skirt is a stretch material so if you need to jump over a barrier or high-step onto a wall, you’ll never be stuck. And it quickly dries if you find yourself caught out in a sudden storm, throwing your body over your gear to keep it from getting destroyed.  Crumple it to shove in your gear cases when you travel – it won’t wrinkle! Great to wear if you’re shooting in the heat. And people think you are classy for wearing a skirt instead of cargo shorts.

Glorious zipper pockets. The only drawback is the two front pockets are all you’ve got. Can require additional pocket-improvisation, which will be a future blog post.

#2 Marika Women’s Lightweight Adjustable Length Drawcord Pants

Source: Groupon $19.99

Twenty bucks, people! Granted, I get a lot of loose threads on these so the construction isn’t the sturdiest. That said, they have never torn or shown much wear at chafe points even with plenty of kneeling on pavement, sitting on things that aren’t chairs, absorbing sweat, or any of the other attractive things that camera ladies do.  I have several pair in both black and grey. Because, $20.  If you work outside in serious heat and it’s inappropriate to wear a skort or shorts – these are your pants.  They are super light – like wearing no pants at all!

Pocket check: zippered front pockets, no back pockets.

#3 Prana Convertible Pants

They’re on sale here but I paid full price for a few pairs…because as you know, when you find something that fits the bill, you run with it. Originally I thought the convertible aspect would be handy in the hot weather, but the material is so much heavier than my Marika pants that I pretty much only wear these in winter.  The waist is not elastic but there is a drawstring; the material is stretchy enough to handle all your movement. And I think these look a little classier than the Marikas. They dry pretty quickly and don’t wrinkle easily.

Pocket check: best of the bunch! Front pockets, back pockets AND a side, cargo-type pocket.

I’ve worn suits, evening gowns, and jeans for shooting. But the options above are what I wear whenever it’s my choice.  What are yours?

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